Haworth services Sept. 27

Ron Haworth

Services for the late Ron Haworth will be Wednesday, Sept. 27, in Selah (WA).

Selah is next to Yakima, about a two hour drive from Sammamish.

The services will be at the Selah Civic Center, 216 1st Ave. Doors will open at 11:30 and service will be at 1pm.


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Ron Haworth dies

Ron Haworth

Ron Haworth, one of the original Sammamish City Council members and later a deputy mayor, died today unexpectedly of complications following heart surgery.

Haworth served on the Council from 1999 through 2002. He was elected in 1999 following a career as a fire fighter and chief on the Eastside.

A staunch conservative, his demeanor was crusty and sometimes curmudgeonly, but he had an impish smile and a twinkle in his eye that revealed a softer inner-self.

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Two years later, Sammamish fixing 228th stop lights

Nearly two years after turning on the “Intelligence Transportation System” stop lights on 228th Ave. from one end of the City to the other, Sammamish is finally fixing it.

The ITS is intended to coordinate lights on 228th to give green lights and expedite traffic.

The problem: side streets and left turn arrows faced long delays, even when there was little or no through traffic on 228th.

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Appeal victory seminal moment for Sammamish Heritage Society

The victory last week by the Sammamish Heritage Society in its appeal of an Issaquah decision to allow demolition of buildings at the Lutheran church property on the Providence Heights campus off 228th Ave. is a seminal moment for the group.

But it may be short-lived.

The Issaquah Hearing Examiner ruled that Issaquah “did not have the opportunity to adequately consider adverse impacts to a site designated as a landmark” by Issaquah’s own landmark commission before issuing the permit to demolish the church, which has significant stained glass windows.

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Reichert’s retirement long overdue

The news last week that US Rep. Dave Reichert will retire is welcome, and overdue, news.

I’ve got plenty of courage. Really. US Rep. Dave Reichert. Photo via Google.

Reichert, a Republican, has been the 8th Congressional District Congressman for 14 years. The 8th includes Sammamish, other Eastside suburbs, Southern King County and east of the Cascades into Chelan County.

Reichert is one of the few so-called Republican moderates in the US House. While he indeed has been more environmentally friendly than most of his colleagues, his has been a mostly reliable Republican vote throughout his 14 years, including the last nine months under Donald Trump.

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Primary precinct voting analysis for Sammamish

The precinct analysis of the August 1 primary in Sammamish yielded few surprises, but it gives the City its first look at how the Greater Klahanie area votes.

Klahanie was annexed into Sammamish in January 2015, but the City Council executed the annexation in two basic steps: the legal one, in January, but the “political” annexation came too late for the area to vote in the November 2015 City Council elections.

City officials said there was just too much to do to accomplish the political annexation sooner. Critics believed some officials didn’t want Klahanie voting in what was anticipated to be a close election for some candidates.

Regardless, the residents voted this time—though not in great numbers.

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Council returns Sept. 5 to take up traffic, concurrency

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Lyman Howard. Source: Google images.

The Sammamish City Council returns Sept. 5 from its August recess with traffic and concurrency the No. 1 priority and the No. 1 item on the agenda.

City Manager Lyman Howard will present a proposal to establish a “roadmap” going forward to take a top-to-bottom look at how the City implements traffic concurrency policies and testing that are required before development can be approved.

Controversial study prompts review

The review is the outgrowth of a controversial study by a Sammamish citizen, Miki Mullor, who concluded the City Staff had manipulated data to approve development. After a de facto moratorium brought on by the 2008 Global Recession, an improving economy and capital liquidity enabled a major spurt of growth that saw wholesale tree removal and increased traffic congestion over a few years beginning about 2014.

Mullor’s study contained incendiary charges that prompted Howard to label it “inaccurate” and “deeply offensive” at the June 6 Council meeting, the day after Mullor emailed the study to the City. Howard suggested later at the same meeting that Staff would answer questions raised by the study and from the Council.

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