Petco confirmed, coming to Safeway complex

The Sammamish Review has confirmed what was reported here earlier by a reader: Petco is coming to Sammamish. Here is the story.

Petco is moving into the vacant space previously rented by Hollywood Video. It’s also taking over space of the displace Rancho Grande restaurant, which was forced out due to a “leasing inconvenience.” Also displaced is the Sushi restaurant.

I’m still trying to confirm multiple reports that Trader Joe’s is what will displace Ace Hardware, whose lease expires in August 2013.

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3 Responses to Petco confirmed, coming to Safeway complex

  1. theframeguy says:

    There is some action happening in the old Game Stop. The windows are taped up with plastic.

  2. It’s sad that Petco chose to move here…and there was no thought about how it would put Civilized Nature out of business…but maybe that’s the intent of the property owner. I don’t blame Petco…but it’s sad to see a local store have to fight for it’s life against Petco.

  3. Jill Loveland says:

    Civilized Nature is moving to the Issaquah Highlands. I am glad they were able to find a new home & wish them many years of success.

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