City Council election ballots on the way

Ballots for the November 3 Sammamish City Council race and a couple of County races are being mailed this week and should be hitting local mailboxes in the next few days.

There are three positions up for election in Sammamish:

  • Position 2: Christie Malchow vs Mark Cross. This is an open seat being vacated by three-termer Nancy Whitten.
  • Position 4: Ramiro Valderrama (incumbent) vs Hank Klein (who dropped out of the race in July, too late to have his name removed from the ballot). Valderrama is seeking a second four-year term.
  • Position 6: Tom Vance (incumbent) vs Tom Hornish. Vance is seeking a second term.

Links to their websites are in the right-hand column.

The Director of King County Elections is on the ballot, as are two seats for the Port of Seattle.

A Voters Pamphlet from the County will be arriving by mail this week (and may already have), with information about these candidates.

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