Election Night Results: Malchow, Valderrama, Hornish sweep by wide margins

  • Margins are wide enough to declare victory:
  • Position 2: Christie Malchow 59% vs Mark Cross 41%
  • Position 4: Ramiro Valderrama (Incumbent) 82% vs Hank Klein 18%
  • Position 6: Tom Hornish 55% vs Tom Vance (Incumbent) 45%

King County posted the Election Night results at about 8:15pm. Additional results will be posted every week day about 4pm for the next three weeks. The election will be certified November 24.

Historically, the final results are within 1%-2% of Election Night results. Sammamish Comment will update results regularly. The Comment will have an election analysis with tomorrow’s update in the late afternoon.

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9 Responses to Election Night Results: Malchow, Valderrama, Hornish sweep by wide margins

  1. Joanne Wright says:

    The citizens are paying attention! Thank you Scott Hamilton for helping us focus.

  2. Laurie Rodriguez says:

    Have to echo Joanne’s comment. I’ve only just recently found your site and thank goodness. I appreciate all of the information from one so in-the-know. Thank you for educating our community and helping us wake up to the problems that require our involvement.

  3. Jim Flateboe says:

    Well done citizens all! 🙂

  4. Cy Oskoui says:


    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Jill says:

    Sammamish citizens will finally be heard & have a voice! Thanks for keeping us in the loop Scoot

  6. Wayne DeMeester says:

    Scott thanks for getting the facts out. Thank heavens the Gang of Four is no more!

  7. Sarah Ehret says:

    Changes are a comin’!

  8. Doug Nelson says:

    Power to the people ! <:-D

  9. Lynn Cooper says:

    Now we will have a more responsive council- one that uses common sense about things that affect neighbors and neighborhoods. I can’t wait for the next election when we can overturn the ones who remain. We can’t control most of what happens in this country but the true change can be made at the local level. Congratulations to the new members!

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