Howe, Moran for City Council Position 3

Karen Howe

Karen Moran

Based on their answers to the Sammamish Comment’s questionnaire, their performance at the Candidates Forum and other factors, we are recommending Karen Howe and Karen Moran as the best candidates to proceed through the Aug. 1 primary for the general election in November.

Karen Moran has a deep and broad background in Sammamish’s civic development with experience that includes sitting on the Planning Advisory Board in which she helped author the city’s comprehensive plan, membership on the Parks Commission, Planning Commission, and King County Eastside Metro Transit Committee and serving as the current Water Commissioner for Sammamish Plateau Water.

A newcomer to Sammamish politics, Karen Howe is approaching the toughest issues facing the city prepared with facts and detailed action items, a pragmatic approach that is likely rooted in her years as an exec in the corporate world.

We will watch both closely, or whomever advances, in the general election campaign, and evaluate our recommendation anew.

Minal Ghassemieh, while the clear leader in fund-raising capabilities, appears to need more time to better understand the most difficult issues facing the city, as demonstrated in her responses to questions around storm water management, the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP), and the questions being raised about measuring traffic concurrency and Level of Service (LOS).

By Jen Baisch

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4 Responses to Howe, Moran for City Council Position 3

  1. Patricia Nelson says:

    Yeah, for Karen Howe!!! Good going and the best of luck!!!

  2. K Gamblin says:

    I agree with your assessment. Thanks for the post, Scott.

  3. Molly Nelson says:

    I believe in you Karen! Go girl!❤️

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