Inslee vetoes Public Records exemption bill, litigants stand down for new negotiations

Gov. Inslee today vetoed SB6617, the legislation that exempts legislators from the Public Records Act.

Inslee’s press release may be found here

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Gov. “can’t” or “won’t” veto legislators’ self-exemption from Public Records Act?

Gov. Jay Inslee says he “can’t” veto SB6617, the bill the Legislature passed to exempt itself from the Washington Public Records Act, because it was approved by super-majorities that can override a veto.

Gov. Jay Inslee stood up to President Trump. Will he stand up to the Washington State Legislature? Photo via Google images.

Or is it more like Inslee “won’t” veto it, using the veto-proof majorities as cover so he can pursue his own political goals, such as a carbon tax? Can he afford to piss off legislators with a veto to the possible detriment of his own agenda?

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Council quietly killed STCA plans out of public view last year

Sammamish City Council members quietly and out of the public view closed down efforts by developer STCA to dramatically upzone the Town Center.

The effort by STCA and the Council’s action never emerged into the public domain, it was revealed at the Save Sammamish meeting last night.

The revelation came after Sammamish Comment revealed the plans in a post Monday morning. The issue quickly became a hot topic on Facebook in various activist pages.

Council member Ramiro Valderrama, in a posting on The Comment, responded that, “I know of no current discussions for upcoming the Town Center.” But he did not reveal the Council had shut the effort down last fall, at a time when the City was preparing to accept “Docket Requests” to the Comprehensive Plan.

One Valderrama critic noted the parsing of words: there are no “current” discussions.

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Breaking news: Inslee says he “can’t” veto bill exempting legislators from Public Records Act

Gov. Jay Inslee just appeared on teh Chris Haywes Show on MSNBC and, in response to Hayes’ question, said he “can’t” veto the bill exempting legislators from the state’s Public Records Act.

Gov. Jay Inslee stood up to President Trump today. He needs to stand up to the Legislature and veto the bill exempting the legislators from the Public Records Act. Photo via Seattle Times.

Why? because, he says, the bill was passed with a veto-proof margin.

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As drivers sit in traffic, Sammamish ponders up-zoning of Town Center

Even as Sammamish residents scream over traffic congestion, exacerbated over what proved to be fraudulent implementation of a traffic concurrency model intended to be sure the roads can handle growth, efforts are underway to sharply up-size the Town Center.

The Town Center was approved to have 600,000sf of commercial/retail/office space and 2,000 residential units. Transfer Development Rights (TDRs) already boosted the residential units a few hundred above the 2,000.

The Environmental Impact Study (EIS) studied impacts up to 700,000sf and 3,000 units. Anything above this would require a Supplement EIS, Kamuron Gurol, the Community Development Director, said at the time.

The development company, STCA, is working with staff to propose hiking the Town Center by as much as 250,000sf and up to 1,500 more residential units.

STCA is currently developing the Town Center west of 228th Ave.

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Legislators show utter contempt for Sammamish constituents

State Rep. Paul Graves was the only Samammish legislator to vote against SB6617, which exempts legislators from the Public Records Act.

Sammamish’s representatives, except for one, displayed utter and complete contempt for their constituents last week.

State Rep. Paul Grave (R-5th), who represents the greater Klahanie area of Sammamish, was the only one of nine legislators to vote against the measure exempting legislators from the laws of the Public Records Act requiring governments to turn over documents when citizens request them. Continue reading

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Setting priorities at the Council retreat

By Christie Malchow

Mayor of Sammamish

Guest Contributor

The Sammamish City Council annually has a retreat in January. Its purpose is multi-faceted, with the goals ranging from generating or affirming Council goals and priorities to agreeing on procedural and structural improvements to help us provide the City of Sammamish dynamic, strong, and effective leadership.

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